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Bundaberg Australia is home to Bundaberg rum and has many interesting places to see and things to do.
Some photos of Bundaberg city, one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and offering Australia's best climate and plenty of farm work for students on work visas. on line English lessons

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If you want to make a booking or ask a question please send us an email! Email is the best way for us to communicate. There will be no misunderstandings by email and we can answer all your questions. We can accept emails in English or Russian languages.

When making a booking please let us know what date you want to arrive and what date you want to leave. Please also let us know if you want twin share accommodation at $420 a week or single room accommodation at $735 a week. If 2 students book together and stay in the same room you will receive a discount and pay only $735 a week for both students ($367.50 a week each). Tell us if you need for us to arrange airport, train station or bus station pickup or need us to help you organise getting from Brisbane or any other Australian city.

We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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Come and have a beer with Australia's friendly kangaroos ;-)

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