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Bundaberg Australia offers Queensland farm work to English language students all year round!
Bundaberg Australia offers students on Australian work visas to work all year on farms in Queensland. It also has the best climate of all Australian cities! on line English lessons

farm work in Bundaberg Australia

Work in Bundaberg Queensland and stay in our accommodation

Bundaberg Australia offers a large selection of farm work picking fruit and vegetable all year round. It is one of the largest food growing areas in Australia and has everything from avocados to zucchinis. For more information please check out this Australian Government link about farm work (http://jobsearch.gov.au/HarvestTrail/TownDetails.aspx?TownID=80).

Did you know that if you are in Australia on a working visa and if you work a minimum of 3 months picking fruit or vegetables you are entitled to a 2nd one year work visa?

Extended accommodation for past students

We offer students the opportunity of staying with us when working.

We charge $200 per week per student on a twin share basis and that includes electricity, use of free internet!

The seasonal crops

January to December - Sweet potatoes

February to September - Avocados

March to July - Citrus

March to December - Zucchinis

April to May - Beans

April to August - Capsicums

April to June - Cucumbers, custard apples

April to August - Tomatoes

May to July - Pumpkins

August to November - Cherry tomatoes

August to September - Strawberries

October to November - Beans, cucumbers

October to December - Capsicums, tomatoes, melons

November to December - Pumpkins

December to February - Mangoes



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