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Here are some comments from past students

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Robin from Korea at Trinity Beach bar

Robin from Korea

Hello I’m Robin Cho. It‘s been 11 months since my ex- girlfriends had made this name at ice-cream shop. I think you know^^ I’m a student of Anastasia and Paul. It’s been 3 months since I had met them. Thanks to them I can speak English enough to talk to Australian and any people who use English. They are not only my teachers but also my good friends who I met in Australia. I hope that many Koreans can meet them and have a lesson with them. Fortunately they are trying to make a language school for every student. We talk to each other a lot of time so I know they will make a different type of school. It will not be just a language school. I’m sure that they will be your friends and family. They will let you know about Australian life, culture and everything that you want to know and have to know. Unfortunately I have to go back to Korea soon. Make a good memory of Australia! Think of it carefully. And you should know I’m not a part-timer. ^^


안녕하세요 전 Robin 입니다. 벌써 11달이 지났군요 제 전 여친이 이 이름 지어준지도 아이스크림 가게에서 ^^ Anastasia 와 Paul 을 만난지도 3개월이 지났군요. 아마 이 편지를 주는 날이 마지막 레슨일거에요. 길었지만 생각보다 짧은 호주생활 그래도 이 친구들 만나 영어 좀 하게 됐네요. 처음에 여기 왔을때는 정말 1년하면 영어 정말  잘하겠지 생각했죠. ㅋ 어느정도는 해요 외국인 만나 듣고 대화할 정도. 처음 기대했던 만큼은 아니지만. 좋은 기회인 것 같아요. 이들 학원 구상에 대해 많이 대화하고 충고도 좀 해주고 그래서 아는데그냥 학원이 아닌 가족 같은 느낌이에요. 수업 끝나고 서로 만나 술도 한잔 하고 재미있는 이야기 나누는 그런 친구! 한 곳에 옹기 종기 모여사니 뭐랄까 홈스테이 같은 영어 하기 좋은 환경! 일반 학원에서 느낄 수 없는 그 무언가….^^ 진심으로 하는 말입니다. 저 알바 아닙니다 오해 마세요 ㅋ쓰다 보니 왠지 알바 느낌 나네요. ㅋ 생각해 보세요. 이왕 language school 호주에서 다니실 생각이라면 정말 좋은 기회 인 것 같습니다. 아쉽지만 전 한국을 가네요. 부모님 친구 한국음식이 제일 그리워요 ㅋ 좋은 추억 만들어 보세요.!

Lera from Russia holding a koala at Cairns zoo

Hi my name is Lera I am from Siberia Russia. I was Paul's student in Russia and then Australia at school in Bundaberg. My English is better now after staying with Paul and Anastasia for 5 weeks study. I enjoy my study with them because they are fun teachers and live in a beautiful house near beach.

I tell all students that Paul and Nastya's small school is best way to improve English. They are kind and friendly teachers and always have time for me. We went camping and to the reef and zoo together and it was so much fun. There was only 8 students in my class and I had so much time to learn English.

Lera from Russia    
Yuri from Russia trying on a Bob Marley hat at Kuranda markets


Hello I am Yuri from Russia. I had great time with Paul and Anastasia at their school at their home. I not like big groups and I was happy in my group of only 8 students. My English has got better thanks to Paul and Nastya. I learn good English that I can use every day. Paul is not only my teacher he is my friend and we had many good times together.

I am businessman and can say that Paul knows business good and I learn a lot from him to help my business in Russia. I will come and stay with them again next year.

I am older than most students but that not matter when study in small groups with Paul and Nastya, we all have lots of fun and learn many things.

Yuri from Russia    
Karina from Spain  
I needed English for my work, and I didn't have any idea, my level was "elementary". It was the reason, I thouuht travel around Australia and study in academy. But the true was, it didn't work I didn't learn english. At the begining I thought, that maybe the academy wasn't good, because there were a lot of people inside the class (+- 16 people), and I couldn't practice enough my English, (If you have lucky, you can say one sentence). It was , when I decided to change  the school, but it happened again, my English it didn't improve. In fact I changed a lot of times of school, more or less all the school are the same, it is very funny (and sometimes even it doesn't funny), but you don't learn nothing.

Finally I decided "Study and live my teachers", this experience it was complitly different, it was funny and in only one and half month my English improved a lot. I think this is a good way to learn English, in fact for me is the best way.
But in this way, it is very important the teachers because you are living with them.
I recomend you not only the way for learn English "Living with your teachers", I recomended you in special "Anastasia and Paul", they are very friendly, you can share with theirs a lot of differents things like dinner, go out cinema, camping...whether the true is you are all the day speaking English with theirs, and they are funny and delighted, charming and good teachers. It was so easy live with theirs. Now, i think my English is better and I have two friends more.
Carina from Spain  
Sergio from Spain  
Without doubt the best way to learn english that I have tried is Queensland English School. I spent 6 weeks and it really worked. I needed to speak english to work in a intenational company and it was the pushing that I needed. Paul and Anastasia (Nastya) are very good teachers, and they spend a lot of energy adapting the course to make it easier for you. I strongly recomend this course.
Sergio (Spain)
Sergio from Spain    


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