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useful links

Here is a selection of useful links in Bundaberg, Queensland and Australia

These links are to assist you in making enquiries for visas, airfares, tour bookings or for emergencies.

Australia visas department www.immi.gov.au
QANTAS/Jetstar www.jetstar.com
Virgin Blue www.virginblue.com.au
Bundaberg weather www.bom.gov.au/weather/qld/bundaberg/
Bundaberg buses http://duffysbuses.com.au/
1770 tour www.1770larctours.com.au/
Burnett River www.burnettrivercruises.com.au/
Lady Musgrave tours www.lmcruises.com.au/
1770 undersea adventures www.1770underseaadventures.com/
Footprints adventures http://www.footprintsadventures.com.au/
Bars & Nightclubs  
Nightcruiser directory www.nightcruiser.com.au


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