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Come and stay with us in Bundaberg Australia and we will be happy to help you find farm work and see why Bundaberg is loved by so many Australians.
Bundaberg Australia has something to interest everyone on line English lessons

why choose us?

live with your teacher and have more practice

The best reason for choosing us is because we offer you a unique learning environment. You live in the same home as your teacher and your classroom is at home.

We don't waste your time with weekly tests, too much grammar and writing work in class. We offer you what you need most; to improve your communciation when speaking to native speakers. Our courses are based on speaking, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation.

We will tell you everything you want to know about Australia's way of life. We will be happy to take you around the city and beaches and at times we will also take you camping withus if you would like to come. Paul is always after someone to go fishing with, so if you want to learn how to fish the Australian way then we can do that too.

We are also very competitive with our pricing and offer you first rate accommodation and intensive English lessons 3 hours a day. The first class starts around 9-00am to 10-30am and then the second class from 11-30am to 1-00pm. You will finish your lessons every day by 1-00pm so you can enjoy everything Bundaberg has to offer.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as a student and member of our family.

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